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Industrials Hive platform

Our operating model

Our comprehensive operating platform lets us provide a consistent, high-quality service to our customers, while bringing us competitive advantage in the market.

Industrials Hive is our operating platform. As a business, we sell leases over industrial space, and Industrials Hive manages this process, while maximising the revenue generated and minimising the costs incurred.

Six big benefits to Industrials of operating a platform:


Market differentiation

MLI can be a fairly uniform product, so the customer experience and services offer a key point of differentiation for prospective customers.


Increased revenue

We intend to provide additional products, services and value to occupiers, and believe that we can grow revenue and profitability.


Higher rents

We believe that customers are willing to pay a premium for a service that reduces risk, hassle and burden when leasing commercial space.


Customer retention

Good quality customer service enhances the lease renewal rate, reducing vacancies and the cost of new leasing.


Economies of scale

We believe that we have the ability to grow our portfolio efficiently without a pro rata increase in costs and complexity.


Improved data

Capturing high-quality and comprehensive data on how our business operates helps build a better picture for making both key strategic decisions and daily operational decisions.

Making customers' lives easier

More than half our customers have never signed an industrial lease before and are very wary of the risks and drawbacks.

Our operating model is designed to offer them a consistent, efficient and comprehensive service. Many businesses are increasingly looking to their landlord to provide space with after-sales customer care and additional products and services.

The hive diagram

Here are just some of the benefits for our customers:

Our operating platform

The Industrials hive

This element governs how we operate our business, the rules we stick to and the policies we have in place as to how we respond to specific circumstances.

For example, within this element of our platform, we would include our marketing and sales strategy, building maintenance policy, lease pricing methodology, debt policy and customer lifecycle strategy. This is the ‘how to’ guide for managing MLI and dictates the experience that a customer will have when occupying industrials premises.

This element covers all the software and hardware that are required to operate our MLI business

including our finance and operating system, customer relationship management system, content management platform, websites, apps, third-party integrations, data model and business intelligence system. These critical pieces of software help govern and implement the processes and policies, whilst also capturing, cataloguing and surfacing business data for users.

These are the tangible elements of the platform that are required to operate.

Such as our UK-wide network of customer engagement managers, the on-site branding or our maintenance regime. For our customers, these are the visible elements that differentiate an industrials estate from our competitors.

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