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Social Responsibility

Equality and diversity

We promote equal opportunities in employment.

To retain that balance and encourage further diversity. To encourage diversity, we follow a blind hiring process (ie, not seeing candidates' personal information). We encourage our people to share their views and ideas, as we recognise everyone has specialist skills and different perspectives, and we want to be able to tap into this diverse pool of thinking and innovation.

A good example would be the working group we formed to look at our working practices when COVID-19 initially hit. Drawn from the different departments across the business, this group helped shape our evolving hybrid working model today, ensuring we now offer a strong work/life balance that we believe will enhance our success.


Our training initiatives work on both soft and technical skills.

Our evolving Learning and Development strategy aims to enhance skills and improve performance, broaden career opportunities and increase job satisfaction, retain employees, as well as comply with regulatory requirements.

Health and wellbeing

The wellbeing of our employees is a key focus, and we have introduced a number of health and wellbeing training courses to support all employees.

These include:

  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Work-related Stress
  • Working from Home
  • Display Screen Equipment
  • Stress, Anxiety and Depression at Work
  • Managing Homeworkers

We also subscribe to an employee assistance programme that offers our employees free confidential advice if they need it. In addition, we promote wellbeing through a number of additional benefits, including private medical insurance and travel insurance for all employees, and a cycle-to-work scheme.

Employee engagement

Our employee engagement included:

  • Weekly live updates from our CEO, Managing Director and CFO and encouraging direct feedback and ongoing dialogue.

  • Live strategy presentations to all employees with an emphasis on short and long-term goals and setting expectations.
  • All employees’ surveyed on work conditions during the pandemic and establishment of a working group with representatives of all departments and of all levels of the organisation to discuss future working practices.

  • We engaged with all employees on ESG and conducted a detailed materiality assessment to understand what was important to them.

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