Industrials REIT - Our approach to sustainability

Our approach to sustainability

Space that matters

Our focus shapes our ESG activities

The pandemic has accelerated a number of emerging trends around the way we live and work, and brought increased focus on ESG and climate change. It has highlighted the need for us to operate more sustainably in order to reduce our impact on the planet, to live and operate in an increasingly populous society and deliver value to all our stakeholders beyond just a financial return. Our ESG strategy and policy seeks to address these challenges, while also taking advantage of the opportunities they present.

Understanding our stakeholders

We listen to our stakeholders

We undertook an enhanced materiality assessment in March 2022 focusing on our external stakeholders covering environmental, social and governance issues. Our people remain our number one priority, being the engine that drives our business, where staff surveys have been conducted to assess employee satisfaction and canvass opinion.

The overarching finding was the marked shift in thinking of all stakeholders to the importance of carbon emission reductions and climate-related issues.

Materiality matrix

Stakeholder responses informed where the issues were plotted on the y-axis. The x-axis was guided by the SASB risk matrix, with scores based on our 2020 materiality assessment and industry averages.

 Economic / Governance



Top 14 material issues

01 GHG emissions

02 Energy efficiency of operations

03 Setting emissions reduction targets

04 ESG/reputation

05 Customer health and wellbeing

06 ESG/return on investment

07 Creation of jobs

08 Local supplier sourcing

09 Supplier screening (ethics)

10 Local community engagement

11 Water

12 Biodiversity

13 Waste reduction

14 Customer waste reduction

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